Infrastructure, Building, and Workshop

Sno Ownership Documents/Lease Agreement for rented building Remark Image
a. Total Area
b. Covered Area 600.8
c. Total Class Room Area 66.58
d. Total Workshop Area 285.58
e. Class room I 30
f. Class room II 36.58
g. Computer Lab 30.00
h. Play Area 500.12
i. Library 26.75
j. Principal Chamber 26.40
k. Office 11.98
l. Staff Room 12.29
m. Dispensary 10.8
n. Workshop Electrician I 120.00
o. Workshop Electrician II 165.75
p. Rent Agreement (Certificate of Stamp Duty) Click Here
q. Rent Agreement (Certificate-1) Click Here
r. Rent Agreement (Certificate-2) Click Here
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